april showers...

Or so I feared.

WEll, FINALLY! The hubster last showered last Monday (took aide & me both and what a struggle it was). I’ve been able to wash his hands, face, armpits & bum periodically through the week so he wasn’t stenchy. And I warmed the bathroom with a little cube heater.

3 hours after aide arrived today we finally got him in the shower. She got most of his clothes off (all but the tee), then I squeezed some shampoo on his head, added water, and started scrubbing. Well he could hardly get his t-shirt off and step in the shower fast enough!

I left them to it, got out his fresh outfit, made some tea.I want her to come 2 mornings/week, but right now that means Mon and Tues unless I can persuade her to come at 7:30 or 8 on TH or FR.

He slept half the time she was here so she washed the guest bedding and put it back on the bed for me.

Never brought DH to the barber last week as it was inconvenient during DS’s visit. Will try on Thurs or Fri to get a barber hair wash. And maybe a shave (2 bits?!).