Are these summaries still interesting?

I’m particularly interested in your current and retrospective view of AEYE. I personally think that that investment was a mistake. Misleading sales figures and past unethical behavior by management are big red flags. Also, I think that future cash raises will be required. I’ve been trying to exit my remaining position but it’s proving difficult due to lack of liquidity.

Hi Chris, Overall I agree with you. But they just announced a contract with the FCC today. Not sure what it means.

Hi Saul,
Have not read everyone else’s reply yet, but to me, your periodical summaries of the stocks you own are very useful, they update with us what your current thinkings of the companies are, business wise and the valuation as well. Love them and please keep them coming. Appreciate your willingness to share, and we are all benefiting from your generosity.

Happy new Year!




Actually two announcements in the past two days:……

They seem to have something going. I took a small nibble today.


Saul, I doubt a single poster on the board is tired of or finds the stock summaries uninteresting. Just speaking for myself here, but they’re the most helpful posts to me out of anything on the board (and there’s a lot of helpful knowledge here).


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You nuts? These summaries are super. I pfffffft Skechers away but you got me taking another look at them. Keep it coming…please.



It’s not tiresome to hear another investor’s approach to their portfolio or their investment buys or sells. I find each and every one’s speed bumps to be interesting - when they choose to buy, why they waited 2 months to take an initial position, what worries them, what pushes them to sell, how much do they sell, when to buy back, etc…
you are very generous with sharing that with us, and I for one appreciate the peek into the journey, as we all do that in solitary fashion, even in the thousands here on this website. Thank you, and keep em coming, please.