Barron's: Air Travelers' Unhappy July 4t

U.S. travelers were braced for a third day of chaos over the Fourth of July holiday weekend as airlines continue to struggle with a surge in demand over one of the busiest periods of the year.

On Monday, airlines had canceled 173 flights into or out of the U.S. and delayed 922, according to flight tracker FlightAware. This was on top of more than 10,000 delayed flights on the Saturday and Sunday and more than 700 that had been canceled.

Jayzus, $JETS sounds like a short when the market opens. Let’s see if it breaks that 15.89 horizontal support and hits a new 52-week low. In this article SAS traded 5-6% lower Monday. (Their market not closed.)Paul was thinking this way with over the weekend when I posted about a JP Morgan analyst calling out $CCL as a possible drop to $0.

$JETS daily

$JETS monthly, yeah this could fall harder and farther no problem, with that pandemic low of $11.17. Like Paul made mention of airlines in my cruise line post. Yeah, like Paul said, these cats are paying off old debt with ever more expensive debt. It’s the way of airlines and cruise lines (and loads of about to be zombie companies like $CVNA $PTON etc.)

$JETS weekly looks at the recent “basing” over the past 3 weeks. But that new trendline is very breakable to the downside as that candlestick for last week is a “bearish engulfing” candlestick suggesting a new downside is coming. Somebody somewhere is also shorting these airline stocks with puts outweighing calls in almost all of them. Keep that in mind.

I flew Delta out on the SF Bay area Friday night/Saturday morning. Flight was on time.
Plane was completely packed. It was a pretty miserable 4 hours of being crammed in like a sardine,
but they got the job done. Beats driving cross country, despite a very uncomfortable
4 hours jammed into a plane seat. All in all, no complaints.

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I hope you enjoyed San Francisco and maybe you got to take in a baseball game or Big Sur?

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most definitely enjoyed SF and Marin County. Reason for the trip was to see the sadsack Detroit Tigers play the SF Giants. Went to 2 games, and enjoyed the ballpark and the atmosphere, Giants fans were friendly. Been doing these out of town roadgames for quite awhile, although had to skip 2020 and
2021 due to covid concerns. And 2 in the group dropped out, they say they will not get on a plane anymore. We’re hoping that the Tigers play the Milwaukee Brewers in inter-league play next year, we’d all be able to take the car ferry across Lake Michigan, so everybody would go.

I can definitely see why the Bay area is crowded, it’s got so much going for it. The weather and
the scenery are great. Outdoor recreational activities are really good. The only downer is
the price of real estate. Not quite sure how working class folks manage to buy homes.

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I went through Army Basic Training at Fort Ord, CA. I pulled guard duty once at the Presidio. I toured Carmel, Big Sur, that whole area on my first weekend leave. Of all places I ever lived, that area had the loveliest weather and people. And I saw one major league game out there, Giants vs. Reds, and that’s why I wear a beat up SF Giants hat out in the yard. It’s the only major league baseball cap I wear.

Here’s hoping both our teams improve in the second-half.

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