Busy - Busy Day 4/5: The Cruncho Flakees Solution

Note 1) I am an amateur investor and much of what you read here might appear to be sheer lunacy and thats only because it certainly might tend to be just that. However, no one can accurately tell the future (except that lady that used to advertise named Madam Something or other. So always let that sort of complete questionable unknown accurately serve as a guideline for whatever you might do in the wide wide world of investing.

Note 2). When Telemedicine first bloomed out I tried to set up an illness prevention telemedicine hotline using the aforementioned Madam Something or other or a similar Madam something or other. The Business Plan was pure perfection and the business was gonna be titled TeleMeUSick (stock symbol TMUS - but, since T-Mobile already had that I was going to add a T at the end of it to get to TMUST. Anyway the whole idea was that if a Madam Something or other could predict that in your immediate future you were, for example, that you were going to fall off a ladder and break your leg - then we would simply advise you not to go up any ladders producing a guaranteed non-accident outcome. It was a thing of beauty. Glory Days!


When I was a kid, much like I am now, I always wanted my mom to buy all those sugary breakfast serials: Instead I got Corn Flakes, Cheerios and Rice Krispies complete with whatever makes the RKs go snap crackle and pop. Still wonder about that - no other cereal does that although I hear the most of the Grandberry cereals whisper something or other. Anyway…at that time me and a kid named Roy G from down the block decided that we could be thousandaires if we combined all three into one cereal by somehow pasting them all together. So…we bought a box of each and tried numerous ways to get them to stick together. We were gonna call this new serial Cruncho Flakees. We tried honey but it didn’t work and was all gooey and messy. We found some glue in my dads garage tool area but as much as I urged Roy just wouldn’t try it. We finally moved on to that paste that you make paper mache (sp?) stuff with but in the middle of it Roy threw up and…well…that was it: Our dreams of becoming cereal moguls was gone forever.

Now a reasonable person might be asking himself, herself, itself, themself (or whatever other self) what in the world Cruncho Flakees might have to do with investing. Well…as it turns out, at least for now, it has provided a semi-legitimate solution for my over-combined-allocation involving S, CRWD and ZS. I decided overnight that just consider pasting all three of the companies into a sort of position by committee to be at least a temporary solution. Now…how good of a solution is still in question as a lot of smarty pants investing folks think that - as Yogi was fond of saying, that perhaps CRWD and/or ZS have all their future behind them. I tend to scoff at that: Scoff - Scoff - Scoff.

So - after resolving that puzzling dilemma I moved forward today to re-working the roster by patching some holes and adding some players to the roster as well as re-opening a number of TBs that I had just recently closed in a sort of Groundhog Day never ending cycle of Wash - Rinse - Repeat. Here are the facts:

  1. Added Shares:

IOT at $18.47

GLBE at $28.93

  1. Initiated Trading Blocks:

S @ $15.88
Although - this could go either way. Current thinking, which I am absolutely sure is much, much better than my previous absolutely sure thinking - is that S is undervalued, under appreciated and no doubt lonely. So it needed a hug.

SNOW @ $145.54
Sure its overvalued but as can be plainly see it was less overvalued today than it was yesterday.

MNDY @ $128.23

ENPH @ $189.09

  1. Added Players:

MELI @ $1,242.65
This is a definitive ‘Tweener’ whereby I might just quit trading this thing every couple of weeks and just Hunker Down with it for a while.

MDB @ $210.51
Pure TB unless it’s not.

TTD @ $57.91
We’ll see.

  1. Player Cut:

DDOG - however, I am having serious sellers remorse and might just pop right back in. Have one last spot open and at some point as the economic worm turns DDOG should be a prime candidate for comeback player of the year. Maybe.

Other Stuff:

Looking at SE - based on their latest ER comeback, as a potential travel partner for MELI: sort of an abbreviated Cruncho Flakee alliance. Sorta.

Also to, TSLA might represent a nice fat TB candidate. Of course it might not and this is where you either do…or you don’t. If it drops tomorrow I will probably take a shot. Maybe. Seems like everyone and their 3rd cousin is getting into the EV business now days.

Anyway - that the end of my busy busy day.

All the Best,


Champ, no matter what you write, this board remains, by far, the funniest and most intelligent investment board on MF ever and I would like to thank you once again for every word you post now and than.

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!


Hi ClubberV:

Thanks for the kind thoughts and I wish you and your family the most blessed of Easters!

All the Best,

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