California zero emission trucks

Wall Street Journal today has article that after Jan 1, 2024, California will require only zero emission trucks serve the state’s ports. That probably means either electric or hydrogen fueled trucks. Article reports that trucking companies are buying diesel trucks while they still can to get ready for the new requirement.

They mention Nikola and Volvo Trucks as the suppliers. Pacific Drayage has 20 hydrogen powered trucks on order from Nikola due over the next six months (and 117 diesel trucks). Both companies had trucks recalled due to possible fires. Harbor Trucking Association says fewer than 160 zero emission trucks are now in service in Southern California.

Wikipedia reports that Volvo, a Swedish company is now owned by Geely Holding Group, a Chinese company. Volvo gained its first plant in the United States, the New River Valley plant in Dublin, Virginia, after acquiring the assets of the White Motor Corporation. They also own Mack Trucks. They sold Volvo car manufacturing in 1999 to Ford, who then sold it to Geely. Volvo Car is now listed on the Stockholm NASQAQ but Geely owns the majority of shares. Both companies use the Volvo logo.


It is a good thing the UK would like to do anything but make money. Incredibly honest and brave decision not to get into making money. Go UK! rah rah rah!


What does that have to do with a Chinese company operating a plant in Virginia?



The other thread on what the PM said about meeting climate change targets. Your thread.

The PM said it was a waste of time to get involved with forcing those targets.

My response the UK is avoiding profit centers.


While China is not avoiding profit centers in this thread. In other words what ejit would take the PM seriously?

Ah, so it was posted on the wrong thread.


No, this post was definitely in the right thread.

If someone at the top of the foodchain is a mess up they should notably resign. Especially corporate leaders. Wasting our time is not cool.

Why limit it to corporate leaders?

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