Calling all dividend lovers!:)

Hey everyone!

Adam Galas here, back after a few years (used to hang out a lot on the Apple boards here), now an energy/dividend writer for TMF.

I wanted to invite everyone to a project myself and a bunch of TMF readers have started called The Grand Adventure.

We’ve built what we think is a very good system for systematically analyzing companies by profitability, profitability trend, balance sheet strength, free cash flows, dividend growth, and dividend sustainability.

We’ve analyzed about 1,000 companies over the last 3 months and found 168 winners thus far.

Our first 3 months are chronicled for the investment historians (because one day scribes shall write of our quest, and minstrels shall sing songs of our immense accomplishments;) in the 2068 comment thread (longest in TMF history!:wink: that spans 1500+ pages.

We’ve moved the discussion over to our own board to make it easier to follow and because it allows me to open up our 33 portfolios to readers through the use of stickies and google doc spreadsheets.

If you want a dividend company analyzed, want to learn more about dividend investing, or take a look at our 33 portfolios (73% which are beating the market, by as much as 14%!:slight_smile: then come on over and join the fun.

All experience levels are welcome, there are no stupid questions, and I enjoy teaching people how to master the art of smoking the market like a fine Cuban cigar;)

Each Friday is our Portfolio Countdown, were we go over how our portfolios are doing, in reverse order of market beating awesomeness.

In addition, regular members get an invite to our first annual Grand Adventure Get together, time and location yet to be determined but something like a meet up in Vegas in July or August.

So if you enjoy fun, making money, and my “unique” brand of humor, then come on over and let’s make history together!