This Article Does Not Mention That Which Exploded My "Case of the Blacks" to Smithereens Yesterday, but Yeah, Fighting Depression, You Fight It On All Fronts

Hey Friends, I had the greatest day of 2022 yesterday so I guess I’ll use some extra punctuation !!!

Anyway, very busy setting up stop/losses and whatnot as I won’t be around today to see the close. Got to head to the hospital to have this port for time-release chemo put into my chest.

I will say this: 2023 is going to be my year. Tuesday was the moment we launched the missiles to take out Cancer. Yesterday the first strike elevated me to laugh, loudly, often , maybe a hundred times.

I am feeling more optimistic today than ever before, but if this cancer does win and kills me, all those remembering me will think, “That fool went down swinging, in pain, laughing in the face of the Devil who has come to take him.”

Depression can be cured by unconditional love. Yesterday, non-stop laughter, not the occasional LOL, returned to the Magic Ranch. The laughter started this morning again when I awoke. My wife is laughing now and the joy in her voice has been non-stop as we prep me for the appointment today.

How simple was our cure for depression? What was my remedy? More later. I promise.

Busy, busy.

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