Can't Login using User ID or email address. What's going on?

I have been a user of TMF for a number of years. Today, 17 November 2022, I can no longer log into TMF with either my User ID (MCCrockett) or my email address.

How were you able to post the post you just posted?


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TMF has an option of logging in using a one time code that is emailed to you and good for 10 minutes. That allowed me to get in and check my profile/preference settings and post the message. Still don’t know why TMF was rejecting my login attempts and complaining about email address and password not matching.

Actually I’ve never used my email address for logging into TMF. I’ve always used my User ID.

It’s all magic I guess. Good luck with future logins. Hope the issue gets worked out favorably.

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I’ve always used my email address for logging in. You might want to use yours.


As I noted in an earlier comment, I received a complaint that my email address and password did not match TMF records. This is in addition to the complaint that my User ID and password didn’t match TMF records. It seems strange to me.

You might have to consider the possibility that your personal information has been compromised in some way. As in, maybe you’ve been hacked. If so, and the only issue you are aware of is your TMF account, that is pretty lucky. You might take a close look at your security, never a bad idea even if nothing provokes it.

One day I got on my bank’s website to look at my accounts and noticed a new charge card associated with it. I had not set it up. I phoned the bank immediately and it was cancelled. To do that they needed information about me, including my SSN. I do not know where anyone got it. Not long after I received a note from the US Postal service about my change of address request. I made no such request, of course. I contacted the post office and put an end to that. And, not long after that, the new charge card came in the mail. I’m very careful, or think I am, but it happened.

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