Captain's Log 10:47am ET

Wackamoled the whole shebang. Yesterday gains all sank at 10:15ish.

Pull gun from holster, pull trigger haha.

Time will tell. If gains keep going up then what me worry I will have some cash to try the champs TBs.

Now for 40 burpees, head to the coast for birding trip tomorrow with the president’s cousin. . . cough cough scratch yawn burp.

Faithfully yours,

Girlfriend is holed up in the house with family for catholic holy week. Just don’t leave the kid alone with the priest. I am so bad. Sorry, I will show myself out.

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Yup, blew that one today. Stocks went up another 25% of the gain.

Didn’t lose just didn’t get the fraction of the gains sold percentage.


This is a very difficult market to navigate. Could keep going up - or could turn right around and give us another opportunity: Either way - core allocations are the foundation.

All the Best,