Change default "tracked" behavior

The assumption is that if I read a post on any board, I will want to track that topic. That is not true. How can I change that default to the Normal setting and allow me to manually control if and when I want to track a topic?


@PucksFool - Would that be accomplished with this dropdown?


@PucksFool In addition to the above suggestion by @38Packard, you can change the amount of reading time before the system starts tracking a given topic at

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That’s what I am doing now. It works, but it is tiresome to have to repeat that for every post that I read. I am looking for a way to set it as my default and only track the Topics I want to follow.

That is exactly what TMF1138 showed, setting your default. (If you are also active on the Premium paid side you have to set it in both places.)

Try setting your “Automatically track Topics I enter” setting to 10 minutes and also setting your "When I post in a Topic, set that topic to " normal. That should eliminate most of the auto-tracking settings that happen.

You can do that here: