Cybertruck: 'a phenomenal piece of engineering'!

So says Dan Neil, WSJ’s auto columnist after his recent test drive:
‘This is a phenomenal piece of engineering. Sure, many of the heroics—the enormous aluminum giga-castings, the tool-hard steel body panels, the world’s largest and flattest windshield—were only necessary to build what seemed, at the outset, unbuildable. Cybertruck isn’t quite the machine Musk and designer Franz von Holzhausen set out to make four years ago, but it’s still years ahead of anybody else.’

It’s (mostly) a rave review, considering it’s from the staid ole WSJ, which some fanboys scorn for being a Tesla basher :slight_smile:

Even better, Dan admits to having been sceptical until he got his hands on it and experienced features like:
‘35-inch all-terrain tires that allow the Cybertruck to ride like an enchanted mag-lev up the Interstate 5’ but lose traction off road due to being pumped up to 51 psi
'The advanced drive-by-wire four-wheel steering turns from lock to lock in 180 degrees, like a go-kart. ’


  • ‘the stretch wheelbase and low breakover angle mean the Cybertruck will drag bottom on black-diamond trails.’
    ‘peaked glass silhouette, ultimately comes at too high a cost of visibility in every outward direction, particularly at the front corners’