Dad More Frail Than he Was

We went to see Mom and Dad on Saturday. We didn’t get to see Mom, it was too late in the day when we got there.

Dad is significantly more frail than he was even a month ago. He’s being assessed because he falls frequently. He says twice a day. He says he has a hard time walking down the hall for meals without having to stop.

He’s supposed to get PT. Hopefully it will help.

The LTC insurance is straightened out now, and they’ll pay monthly. That’s a big relief.



Sorry about your Dad. Since you didn’t specify injuries, I assume his falls have done no harm so far. I hope PT helps–and that unlike my mom, he sticks with it and does the assigned exercises.

He may do his PT homework. He hasn’t in the past, so I’m not optimistic.

However, Mom is improving so that may spur him on.

My brother texted me to let me know Mom is standing up in her walker today.



Dad is significantly more frail than he was even a month ago.

I wonder if he could do a few simple exercises with a theraband—the lowest resistance one—by himself in his room if he’s shown how to do that. Exercises with his legs might be too difficult, but something like holding each end of the band in his hands with his elbows at his sides and his forearms extended in front of. Move his forearms away from each other, then back to starting position.

Does his residence have activities like chair yoga—things that keep people moving but don’t require standing balance?


Glad there is some positive news!

It is such a tough time!!! I’m so sorry to hear this, however inevitable it might be. Knowing that doesn’t make it easier.