Dark Sky Replacement

Like a whole lot of other Apple users, I was drawn to Dark Sky when Apple bought it a couple of years ago. As that app is reminding you, come January 1st, Dark Sky will go dark.

When I first heard about this many months ago, I started searching for a replacement. This was a very frustrating, fruitless process. First there are thousands of apps. Second most are full of ads to the point, there is minimal screen space for weather. And probably most importantly, I am a very impatient person.

But I did get pointed at an app named “Weather” – they are multiple apps named “Weather” - so some work is needed. You want to app from Apple. If you look carefully at the app icon, pick the one with a cloud and sun and no lines to indicate rain or rays of sunlight. If you are unsure, read the information about apps and find the one that shows Apple as the Developer.

The only feature I long for is current location radar which I find useful for time until rain stops, starts or changes intensity. The Apple watch version of Weather in my view is superior to Deep Sky.

Here is a screen shot from the App Store listing which shows the App icon in the upper left corner.


I use Android and desktop, but I would imagine MyRadar is available for iPhone as well.

Likely a lot more out there than these I use, but these handle weather for me wherever we wander. I keep an eye on the tides too, make sure I’m still above sea level… :slight_smile:

I believe that Apple integrated most of Dark Sky app into their Apple Weather app (shown as WEATHER in the app store).

I recommend that you also look at WEATHERBUG, which has long been my go-to radar map. MYRADAR and CLIME, as well as a host of other apps, provide very good radar information.

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The first app on this page, WEATHER, is the Apple Weather app.

It seems like I have been living by Dark Sky since I found it several years ago. I have another seven weather apps on my phone that I downloaded, but the one I use is Dark Sky. And I am not at all pleased with its imminent demise.

Do you realize that the weather app you describe is from Apple? It is the app they tell us now incorporates the technology from Dark Sky. In fact, I’m pretty sure it comes preinstalled on every iPhone. Too bad it doesn’t follow that wonderful (to me) interface too.

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