Make up your damned mind on the deficits

Deficit would fall by $1 trillion over a decade under the proposed budget.

That is a bullet point in the NTY.

So make up your damned minds. You want a national deficit? You want much lower taxes for only the wealthy not yourself? You are in love with Grover Norquist and want no government?

But above all else stop the chokehold of supply side econ ideology on US GDP growth. Stop the chokehold on the US middle class. Move on, move off those ideas. The no more taxes means you have been paying more and more for everything. I am not talking inflation as you see it in 2021, 22. I am talking healthcare with might as well be a tax. I am talking falling behind China which has been de facto our biggest taxes as we have lost economies of scale.


Deficits only matter when it’s the other party in control. I’m no boomer but even I understand this basic truth of “winner take all” politics.

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