DXYZ - Private tech closed-end fund

Figure I would put this question here. Closest relevant forum.

Happened to see this mentioned on Fast Money on CNBC. Never heard of it before, but its theme is something I would be interested in. Holds private companies, big holding, SpaceX.

Any thoughts on it? Has risen 800% since end of March. Are there any other funds like it that maybe are not so volatile? Thanks…


Looks like it is the only one so far but thanks for bringing it forward. That is something to watch. Edit: It looks like there are some others at the bottom of the article that allow you to invest with restrictions.



Thank you for the reply and the linked article. I just checked out some of it now, but will have to study it later. Looks like there is a lot of good info in it.

Your welcome Esxcokm. One thing that worries me about this is that DXYZ holds some really nice private companies but they are traded on the public exchange. The only way they can really gain value is if some of those companies become public. If we go into a down turn it would probably get sold off. It’s position in SpaceX seems large also. Just some of my thoughts.


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