Dynamic Watchlist

Hey folks,

I am mostly a lurker around here, enjoying the discussion and learning as I go.

I have trying to search for a mobile app that has a watchlist. The catch is that I want to be able to add a comment to my watchlist such as “$X at 07/29/17”. I have tracked down plenty of apps that will do the watchlist , but nothing that will allow this type of free commenting.

If you know of one, please post a reply!

In any case I have found a workaround for now. Perhaps many of you already know this, but for others who may like doing spreadsheets for tracking like I do, google docs has a functionality to add the recent stock quote into a cell in your spreadsheet.

The example is =GOOGLEFINANCE(“GOOG”, “price”)

If you put that into a cell today (Jul 29) the cell will populate as 941.53. Now you are free to use any other columns to add comments, ticker symbols, etc.

Using a google doc I can view/edit this from anywhere…home, office, anywhere with cell coverage.

Anyway, thought I would share what I can with the group to try and contribute.


After some checking the knowledge base I see this is already Incorporated in the 1ypg spreadsheet! Oh well, learned something new today !