Email links return Error 404

As usual, the links from TMF emails continue to return “Error: 404 – NOT FOUND”. I’ve attempted to cancel the auto renew on my subscription and was frustrated in that attempt.

From the Stock Advisor Home Page I clicked on My Fool → My Profile and arrived at: “Oops! That page doesn’t exist” and the only was a Log In button. I was already logged in. Clicking on the “Log In” button took me to the Community page.

Again from the Stock Advisor Home Page, I followed My Fool → Account Settings → Manage Services and ended up at a page where the only real option was to return to the Stock Advisor Home Page. An ellipses on the right side of the screen gave me options to “View receipt” or “Extend membership”. How is that managing my services?

I searched for “cancel auto renew” and received 3 options, all of which ultimately led back to the “Manage Services” which, as I said above, doesn’t let you manage anything.

I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the problems I’m having navigating TMF, particularly the circular links and page errors, all of which limit the value of TMF’s service to me and waste my time. I receive links in my email on a daily basis from dozens of companies, including financial institutions, and TMF is the ONLY site with which I have these problems. I’ve brought this up repeatedly over the past year and my issues have not been resolved. It’s time for us to part company.

I will not be renewing my subscription.