FDA okays Sleep Apnea detection feature in Samsung Galaxy Watch

For people with obesity/ COPD etc. Samsung now offers a potentially life saving FDA approved feature on its Galaxy Watches - the ability to detect sleep apnea in patients as yet undiagnosed for the condition

According to a Resmed-sponsored Lancet study, ‘almost 1 billion people have OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) globally’ but the condition may be “both underdiagnosed and under-recognized.”

‘The Food and Drug Administration authorized the Samsung Galaxy Watch for the detection of signs of moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in people aged 22 years and older.’

Apple is rumored to be launching the feature too, but Samsung has the bragging rights for now :slight_smile:


It wasn’t clear to me if this is a hardware feature of the watch or is an app using features in the existing hardware or both.

Hi - here’s how Samsung describes it:
The Sleep Apnea Feature is an over-the-counter (OTC) software-only, mobile medical application operating on a compatible Samsung Galaxy Watch and phone. This feature is intended to detect signs of moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea in the form of significant breathing disruptions in adult users 22 years and older, over a two-night monitoring period. It is intended for on-demand use. This feature is not intended for users who have previously been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Users should not use this feature to replace traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment by a qualified clinician. The data provided by this device is also not intended to assist clinicians in diagnosing sleep disorders.

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I wonder if it is using a combination of the heart rate monitoring capability and the microphone to detect changes in breathing.

OT: I used to use an iPhone app to monitor my sleep. It listened to me breathing. I was officially diagnosed with Sleep Apnea after sleeping with some stuff stuck to me with wires attached to something. Because of that I now sleep with a CPAP, using a full nose/face mask. Of course that meant the app no longer could monitor my sleep by listening. After a while I got an Oura ring. Combined with the app on my phone it does a lot of monitoring. I particularly like this part of what it shows regarding sleep.

I find that really captures my night.

(I really don’t want anything like the Apple watch. The watch I wear has a conventional dial, and gets power from light hitting the face, so I hardly ever have to mess with it.)