Final TX Cares Covid19 Study Update

I enrolled/volunteered for a Covid19 Vax and Booster study, back in Sept 2021.
I thought I would post a Q1-2022 Study Results update, with results for the final blood draw.
There will be no more blood draws, that I know of. I assume that I might be contacted for future, follow-up participation.

This involved 3(three) blood draws at 3-month intervals, with testing for antibodies against the Nucleocapsid proteins to test for infection by Covid19 virus, and Spike proteins to test for antibodies against the Spike protein of the vaccines.

Here are the results.

**1st Vax 	March 2021      	1st Moderna** 
**2nd Vax 	April 2021        	2nd Moderna** 
**1st Booster   	Dec  2021       	Moderna** 

**Date		N protein	N Value	       S protein 	S Value**
 **Nucleocapsid                        Spike**

**Sept  2021	negative	0		positive	1081**

**Dec  2021	negative 	0		positive	655**

**March  2022     negative 	0		positive 	>2500**

I’ve completed 3 of the 3 blood draws. September, December, 2021 and March 2022.
The study includes 2 tests:

N-test for nucleocapsid proteins - if + suggests a Covid infection.
S-test for Spike proteins - If + suggests a vaccine, but does NOT rule out a covid infection.

On all three dates, the tests found that I have antibodies for the S-test, the spike proteins.
Three dates, the N-tests were NEGATIVE for the nucleocapsid protein antibodies.
These tests, together SUGGEST that I’ve been vaccinated (the spike protein antibodies), and have NOT had a Covid-19 infection (the lack of nucleocapsid protein antibodies).

The third test with S >2500 shows ‘out of range’ measure of antibodies against the S protein, 3 months AFTER getting the booster.
I’m amazed, and, really, gratified to see that, following the booster, I potentially still have a strong set of antibodies against the Covid-19 virus.
This reduces my stress levels.
<<Keep in mind that past performance (Alpha and Delta) is no guarantee of future performance (Omicron and future variants).>>

The 1st blood draw was about 5 months after the 2nd vax.
The 2nd blood draw was about 8 months after the 2nd vax and before the booster.
The 3rd blood draw was about 3 months after the booster.