Firefox - Imported bookmarks not displayed

Just installed Firefox on a new computer (Windows 11) and have imported the bookmarks from Firefox on a Windows 10 computer.
This import was done by exporting the bookmarks to an HTML file (as outlined in Firefox itself) and copying it over to the new computer.
The import seems to execute OK as the bookmarks are visible in a “library” listing in the Firefox app.
But, the problem is they do NOT appear in the bookmark toolbar at the top of the page.
Anyone here dealt with this? Any ideas how to fix it?

I don’t remember how I got it done a few years ago when I got a new computer.

Do you have a folder named Bookmark toolbar within the bookmarks?

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Not sure, but from what I remember(*), if you do a b in Firefox, it should pop up a window with all the bookmarks in a tree, and you can search for a tell-tale one you know you imported and see where it is in relation to the other bookmarks. Then, copy/paste to move all the imported ones to another more sensible place in the tree (assuming they all arrived under some new node).

(*) I don’t use Firefox anymore since switching to Vivaldi, which is Chromium based.

Yes, there is a folder with that name.
I tried dragging it up to the bookmark toolbar expecting that it would display all the bookmarks but instead it just shows the folder name (Bookmarks Toolbar).
If I click on that, it does display a drop down list that I can select from but that’s not really what I want.

I’m pretty sure this will do it.

Pull down that list so you see the contents of the Toolbar folder. Drag each one from there to the toolbar and drop it.

I’ve got 23 items on my toolbar, so that would be pretty annoying, but not as annoying as not having them there! :sunglasses:

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RHinCT - Thank you|

Didn’t realize that was possible. It’s all set up like I want it now.


On my mac I can move the links to/from tool and/or folders in the Edit Bookmarks function. I expect the Windows version has the same or at least similar funciton.

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