Lost Chrome bookmarks

Hi, on both my and my wife’s computer, we have Google Chrome and our settings are set for “continue where you left off” so that when the browser gets closed and then open again, all the bookmarks and so forth are retained.
But when my wife’s computer gets automatically shut off and on again due to a Windows update, her bookmarks are gone. This has happened on her computer before also, but never happens on my computer.

Is there any way to restore her bookmarks? We tried logging out and in again to her Google account.


I live in Firefox, but your problem got me curious.


The bit that I found most interesting:

How do I restore Chrome bookmarks after resetting Windows 10?

For Windows 10/11 users:

1. Open recycle bin.
2. Find the Chrome bookmarks file, right click to Restore.
3. Open Chrome to load the bookmarks automatically or import the bookmarks html file to recover.

Good luck!


Thanks. There is no “bookmarks” file named anything like that in the recycle bin. And oddly enough, the field for “search recycle bin” doesn’t even let her type in that field. The cursor doesn’t even show up there when you click there.