it takes a 6-year old with a gun

Watching hearings in Uvalde and listening to the more than 3 hours of testimony from victims as young as nine and ten and parents dealing with shattered lives and empty beds and abandoned toys and clothes where their kids used to be is nearly unbearable–but we should watch. Here is the Texas Folly on full display where women are at risk for bounty hunters because SCOYUS says it’s a state’s right to put a bounty on their bodies for the crime of doing what they should have the unenumerated 14th amendment right to decide their own healthcare. However and coincidentally, it is a Federal matter when it comes to where and how a well armed militia can acquire, own and a carry a high capacity human killing machine AKA long gun. Can’t make that a state’s right. Anybody else see the folly and inconsistency so prominently displayed by the Great State of Texas?

We all know it takes a good 6-year old with a gun to take out a bad man with a gun-- in Texas