Free Hidden Gems subscription

Hey guys,

I just got a free HG sub for the next year. As a subscriber to SA and RB, this was the third service I had been considering for some time. Anirban and iVish have often spoken highly of HG. Excited to continue to learn with a new TMF service.

Stop by and say hi if you got a free sub as well!


How did you get the free subscription?

You can sign up and cancel within 30 days for a full refund…

Not really the same thing as a free year…


Great to see you considering HG. It’s now by a large margin my favorite hunting ground for new ideas in the small cap world. It would be great to see you there and hopefully we can make the boards more active.

Good to see you got a freebie. I paid $98 for a two year sub.


Just looked up hidden gems. $199 for one year.

How did you get such a good deal?


Ignore previous post

Here is the link……



Well, Darrel has posted a link to an even better deal. I got my subs after someone noted the deal on the boards. I called Member Services to find out … TMF seems to always have a deal or two for the newsletter services as they are the gateway to the premium portfolio services. It never hurts to ask customer service about deals if one is interested in any particular service.



I didn’t do anything, they just sent me a notice that I would get a free sub to HG for the next year when I renew my RB subscription.

Anyone seen any similar deals for RB like the links posted for HG?


Thank you.

I’ve been wanting to get back into hg and rb.

Special ops has gotten pretty quiet since the staff turnover.

Much appreciated,

Thanks Anirban. I’ll try that for rule breakers.


Rule breakers can be had for 2 years for $98…


I’m all set for the next couple of years.


Currently TMF has the same promotion for SA as RB, 2 years @ $98. I don’t have a link, but just ask the customer service person if you’re interested.

Darrell, thanks so much for the link…I just joined SA and RB!

Does anyone have the link for the discounted 2 year subscription for Stock Advisor? I used the link for Rule Breakers which was great. Thanks.


Try this link…may or may not work…

Thanks. It worked as well. I was able to update both my subscriptions and saved alot of money. Much better deals than the emailed promotions they send for renewing earlier. Thanks again.

So does anyone have a deal out there for SA? I think my subscription is due in May…