Free Rule Breaker Stocks!

They are “free” because they were in a recent RBI podcast, one that David puts out each Wednesday. Usually worth a listen. He only “picks” stocks in them a few times a year and he usually has a theme, this time it was something like “you can have both”. Do you want to marry someone who is smart or beautiful. Why have a tradeoff, you can have both.

Pick 1: Do you want to own the world’s leading e-commerce company or the world’s leading cloud computing and storage company? Why not both, thus the first pick is Amazon.

Pick 2: high risk = high reward. False trade off. CBOE has a low risk rating of 6, but has been soundly outpeforming the market.

Pick 3: Match Group. They started as which attracted middle aged people, and they have grown older with it. But that doesn’t mean you have to exclude young people. In fact the #1 grossing App in the Apple store is…Tinder.

Stock4: would you rather have a brilliant electrical eng or a highly capable executive as your founder of a tech company. With NVDA you get both. (they bought at $6 way back, but he thinks it is still great for next 3 years or more).

Stock5: Which is a better model for higher education going forward, bricks and mortar, or internet. Both of course. TWOU (To You), partners with established institutions to provide distance learners the opportunity to attend these universities online. They bring in new students and get to keep part of the tuition.…

*He always says these picks are for holding 3 or more years. And yes, all these are from his RB universe.

FYI, here are the ones from 9/15/17. A couple days later Orbital ATK was bought out as you can clearly see in the chart.…
A couple others did pretty well too.