Game Planning - The QB Room 1/30

OK so here is what happened to the portfolio today:

BILL - Fell just over 5%

SNOW - Fell just over 4%

DDOG - Fell 4.39%

NET - Fell 5.92%

Really Important Note: Check all figures yourself.

I did add a TB in BILL today but ignored the others.

Game Plan:

A. If NET, SNOW and DDOG fall again tomorrow I will be very tempted to add TBs to each.

B. If Net, SNOW and DDOG shoot par or do not fall off tomorrow my Game Plan Part B is to do nothing.

C. If the magnitude of any sell-off tomorrow reaches warp speed I might only actively hunker down.

Potential Addition:

GTLB scored very well on the Triple Double scoring and fell off over 6% today. On their last report in Dec they had excellent DBNR of of over 130%, Non-Gaap Gross Margin of 89% and generated Rev Gro just shy of 70%. Worth a deeper look I suppose. If they fall off a bunch tomorrow I might add them to the Scout Team.

All the Best,