Game Planning - The QB Room

After selling a bunch of Trading Blocks yesterday the market decided to sell-off a bit today. This was how I responded:

A) The Rule

One of the semi-firm TB rules - open to non-binding and wholly arbitrary considerations, is that core holdings must go down by a minimum of 3% prior to a TB being added.

B) Todays Candidates

  1. GLBE - fell by just over 5%.

  2. MDB - fell by about 3.46%

  3. SNOW - fell by exactly 3%.

C) What happened:

Nothing - absolutely nothing. I am looking for a further sell-off (hopefully tomorrow) and if we get it I will probably add TBs - unless I don’t.

Why TBs work:

I have no idea if the above attempt will play out for any passersby largely due to the fact I just have this new format all bucked out just yet. Once I post this topic I’ll see if I can run the link and if not I’ll tediously explain - once again - why TBs work and why your little happy tucus should use them to augment investing stuff.

All the Best,