happy update

I was surprised that the hubster woke me up knocking gently on the glass sidelight of the front door at 7am. That’s a sign of moderate dementia that he’s been past for some months.

There was a package on the stoop–must’ve been a very late or very early delivery while we slept. He’s still bother by a package outside and still gets my attention on it by knocking on the sidelight.

So I unlocked the front door, and he walked outside, picked up my new immersion blender, and brought it inside. (I’m not going out in my nightie–it’s 33 degrees! He slept in his clothes last night–including his warmest long-sleeved tee, warmest flannel shirt, and warmest jeans.)

OK, so I wish he hadn’t wakened me. He woke me up at 2am and I only got back to sleep around 5. But at least he woke me for a reason, not just dementia (OK, so without dementia he would’ve handled it alone-).

Ice storm expected Friday. Plan to shop today before the Thursday crush.