Here is hoping the Europeans up the prison time

This should be punishable by 15 years in prison.

It should be fully known when you step on European soil do this and the book will be thrown and closed.

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Aw cripes, that’s nuthin’. Two Chinese workers took a backhoe to the Great Wall of China so they could have a shortcut:


The Chinese govt could sentence them to rebuild the original wall they tore down–to the same spec it was in before they tore it down. An appropriate punishment.

Another 15 years. I hope so. Actually in this case the death penalty.

The government says the damage is “irreversible.”

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All the more reason to sentence them to “rebuild it as it was”. Nothing works at stopping others like essentially being sentenced to a lifetime of restoring what can not be restored.

From the pix, the section of wall that was damaged looks to be far smaller than the huge structure we see tourists and pols tramping around on.

Speaking of vandalism, I’m really old, remember the Kennedy Center in DC, opening over 50 years ago. People were taking “souvenirs” of anything they could get their hands on. The brass covers on floor electrical outlets were being taken. Faucet handles and light fixtures were being stripped from the bathrooms. A security officer caught one old crone with a pair of scissors cutting a piece off of the curtains. When the officer said something to the effect of “what the heck do you think you are doing?”, the old crone said she was entitled to it.