When this is done 15 years per incident in prison

This is horrible. Send him to prison. We need as a global society it seems to tell some individuals major prison time will be imposed.


I’m sure the whine will soon start that the US government has to move heaven and earth to bring him home.

Here in metro Detroit, the local media goes on and on and on about Paul Whelan, being “unjustly” held in Russia. What they don’t remind people of is the guy is scum. The Marines court martialed him and gave him a bad discharge. Most of the law enforcement “experience” he put on his resume is a lie. The Russians could very well be right, in his case. Doesn’t matter. It is apparently the US government’s job to bail out every idiot that gets himself in trouble overseas.



Israel is an important ally. If you break a law in Israel I do not know if you are deported. I do not know the law that well but if not his doing prison time will be a non-issue.