Hi from the U.K

Before I posted comments on some of the threads discussing companies I thought it would be a good idea to say hello first.

I have been a full time investor since 2009 and have read and posted on TMF U.K for several years. My investments have previously mainly been in high yielding bank debt, however these have now recovered and I am looking to change my style of investment towards the type of companies that are discussed on this board. I will continue to invest in the U.K stock market but I intend to add U.S companies as well.

I have read various books on investment of the years and I have also read the knowledge base for this board which I found very interesting.

I have only started reading the U.S TMF site in the past few weeks, are there any other boards that are worth following? Please note I do not subscribe to any of TMF’s services.




Hi, Unwize.

I’d call you Wizenuf since you found this board.

Lots of different investment styles to be found. Rather than recommend any boards, I suggest you look up TMF1000 and TFMgoLong. They sometimes post on non-premium boards and both have a following.