Hot Takes! (this is the Hot Takes thread)

ROBLOX is the future! I remember being told that.
Anyways…they are down 22% at moment.

"San Mateo, Calif-based Roblox, which counts 9 to 12 year-olds as its largest demographic, expects second-quarter bookings to be between $870M and $900M, below the $902.5M estimate. Second-quarter revenue is forecast to be between $855M and $880M, above the $805.2M estimate.

It expects to lose between $265M and $267M on a net basis, better than the $345.5M that was expected."

Selling to 9-12 year olds and losing $250m-300m. Ok - sounds like a winner to diamond hands to death.

Moving on!
Remember the TTD tangential wannabe…the mighty Magnite! MGNI.
Up BIGLY 15% at moment. Why? Sales were up 14.7% y/y…amazing!

Wait. What? Stock up more than y/y rev gain? They are profitable! Wait…that is non-GAAP only.

Ok. Earnings season making total sense at moment.
Feels to me that these types of weird ER hits/pops aren’t that great of a sign.

But who knows,


What could go wrong…seems like a great idea! (said no sci-fi fan, ever…)


I am somewhere down the macro rabbit hole. It is strange to look at the IRA portfolios. The much reduced equity allocations inch upward in value as Mr. Market salivates over expected easings. Fed will (?) follow Swiss last month, ECB in June and drop a little stimulus. Nevermind inflation. The jobs reports will get ugly(ier). We are probably already in recession.

I am binge following this guy, among others:,vid:wVdLhaZBxTA,st:0



What I meant was that the value of the IRA’s doesn’t change much–because such a small percentage is in equities. Still a lot of big moves in the equities, but number of shares are small. I am managing the FOMO. Partly because the bitcoin and silver ETF’s are also participating in the risk-on party.


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