How can I disable all the news/interests garbage in Windows 11

I want Windows 11 to not waste my time or its time retrieving news and “interests” for me to look at when I start the “widgets” panel (windows key+w). Specifically, I no longer want to see or have Windows do any background fetching of all the crap I’ve circled below. How can I do that?

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Have you tried any of these? …


That prompted more googling and it seems that all the Discover/Following/Watch/Play crap is not there as part of a widget (since it doesn’t have the three dots that allow you to not see it like all other widgets). So, I’m not sure what it is. But I did find a whole bunch of stuff I could disable in “Information Cards” (whatever those are) and in “Notifications”. I disabled them all, but so far I don’t see that anything has changed. Do I have to reboot? I’ll find out tomorrow.

I finally found my answer: doing what I want won’t be possible until a Windows 11 update due out later this year! See Microsoft will FINALLY let users disable the MSN feed in Windows 11's widgets board later this year | Windows Central