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I periodically have to delete my bookmark to this board and save a new one. Problem I have is that I always link to the spot I was in when I saved the bookmark.

I’m sure there’s an easy way to always bring up the most recent page, but I don’t know how. Someone want to clue me in, please?

Save it as one of your favorite boards. Then it is easy to access the most recent posts under the My Boards link under My Fool at the top of the page.

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Something else you can do, once you click the Red Heart, is go to My Fool, http://my.fool.com/?source=ipesittph0000001

On the right is My Boards. It will list boards in your Favorites list that have posts since you last read the board. No new posts, no listing for the board.

All holdings and some stats on my profile page

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Check the path of the bookmark after you create it. If it looks like this:


…then delete the bolded portion, everything after the " .aspx "


Thanks all who replied

Actually, thanks to all who make this board so worthwhile that I strive to read most of the posts