OT: Questions about new site

Does anyone know if there is an equivalent page to the old “Favorite Boards” page?

Is there a way to forward a post to someone by email? (Must be, because a couple of people have sent me copies through TMF.


Try this for Favorite boards:


How did you send this message to me? (I’m trying to figure out how to do it) – unless it’s a default if “send replies” or some such thing is selected?

Oh – thanks for the great explanation (there goes tomorrow’s free time)


I didn’t. I just replied on the boards. If you received an email it’s probably a setting somewhere.


Yep, and it’s somewhere in OrmontUS’s settings.

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Another interesting quirk of the site to realize


Check in your profile under Preferences / Email. One of the settings there must be forwarded replies to your email. If that doesn’t work, I’m sure @CMFMints can help you


Jeff click the link on a post and you can email anyone.

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Your email notification settings are your preferences. So, you are probably set to receive emails anytime someone replies to your post or mentions you…that’s how you are getting emails. And if you reply to it, it will post the thread it originated from - not the user. In fact, if you look at the actual email address, it’s coming from the system.

There is no way in the system for someone to email you directly in the system.

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Thanks – appreciate the explanation


Hi Mints, is there a way you guys could change it so someone can email directly? Sometimes you just want to send a message to someone to find out more about a subject without showing everyone how stupid you really are. At least that is what a close friend of mine said but was to scared to post.


funny post

There are people here who do not want to be harassed or possibly added to outside mailing lists.

Good point Leap, maybe have an option to opt in?


Sorry, legal wants it all closed down. We offered up the opt in idea a while back but no go.


Thanks – makes sense.

One other request:

If they could manage just to keep the “Favorite Boards” page for the current users, II think many find it easier to navigate with than the kind of Byzantine approach on the new site. If that can’t be accomplished, la vie as they say, but if it is not a major effort, I think it would create more pleasure than pain.


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Jeff - Like this?

I’ve used categories and Tags to group my Favorite Boards. Unfortunately, they are split into two groups, but they are manageable just like the old boards. The other thing is once you click on the “1 unread” link, it brings you to that post (or posts if there are more than just one) and you can see the latest posts there. I’m using a desktop PC, it may be different on other devices.




In the left hand column under “all categories” and then “all tags” that is all that is here. That is all of our access. We can discuss a lot of things but that is the full stretch of these subjects as headings.

I am totally lost, watched videos, read info - I am getting emails on topics I don’t remember looking at and have not posted anything.

You can change this in your preferences.
Click on your icon (upper right corner), pick the person icon on the bottom of the menu that pops up


Then pick preferences


after picking preferences - then what?

I see my user name, my email address & also associated accounts with my email address again

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