How much are you down?

I’m 12% off my Nov 2021 all-time high. Over 95% stock and that includes the “mistake” of converting half of “10 years worth of living expenses” to BRK a few weeks ago at $318/share. It’s now $308.

Haven’t signed up for the plasma donations yet.



Down 33% from November high. Down 27% year to date.


I’m down 1.1% from my January 2022 high. But really less than that because I have many bonds which I plan to hold to maturity but whose current valuation is depressed due to rising interest rates.

My I-bonds are yielding more income than my Social Security. And, of course, their value hasn’t dropped since I-bonds can always be redeemed at face value, regardless of what market interest rates are doing. Not that I plan to redeem them before maturity, since the new ones are yielding 9.5% and the old ones are yielding 12.5%.


I am up, I am only in USD. How much up in real terms appreciation v inflation is hard to tell but up.

Down 6.3% on the year. It helps being 25% cash and 23% Berkshire.

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Down about 20% from high, more or less beginning of year. I can’t time the markets well, I tried it many years ago and failed utterly. So since markets usually go up over time, I just have to stay invested through the bumps along the way.

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Since you ask, I’m up. Quite a bit. I’ve been posting similar to Wendy all year, though lower profile than her, that it was obvious the stockmarket, especially profitless tech, had to go down … so I just went heavily short the Nasdaq index QQQ.

Also shorted some hopeless cases … COIN, RIVN, LCID …

My favourite short was ARKK, after watching a video of Cathie Wood in full-on marketing mode, kind of desperate for investors to keep her stuff propped up.

Shorts mostly taken off now, I think the easy money from that side has been made. Likely still drift down over time though until something changes the Fed scare / Recession scare twin negatives.


Down 15% from 12/31/21.

Down just under 4% YTD.


Nothing! Checked last night (I rarely open Questrade these days) and port still roughly where it was when I decided I was spending too much time “investing”. My target long ago was to have $200K in our two TFSA (tax free) accounts and I’m roughly +3-4% on that.

With COVID messing up our travel plans we can’t even spend our pensions.

Well, I bought two brand new Mini-PCs (one for each of us) from Costco. Originally it was one for me but wife thought it was “cute” and wanted to replace her elderly Dell Business refurb. The Costco price was ~ C$400 cheaper than wants.

Company coming! Banker lady is bringing her four boys (includes hubby) to Halifax to visit the families then flying to London England to do some touring including Scotland before hopping a Air Canada flight back to Vancouver BC they back to San Francisco to start her new job.

She ‘friended’ me on my FitBit watch yesterday … only after I checked and I can unsubscribe whenever I want.


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In my small portion of investments in securities I am down 6.5%, and that is mostly the REIT KRC that is a long long term hold for me, solid mostly AAA office and multi use properties in Silicon Valley and similar locations on west coast. It has solid long term leases and is paying good dividend. Every now and then I gift some of it to husband and my DAF [], a classic rich peoples power instrument that can be put to good and bad uses.

My oil and gas working interests are absurdly, scandalously, predictably up and up. I should pay more taxes. Instead I am planting a forest, putting poor smart kids through university, and giving money to radical progressive movements supporting “freedom from rule by plutocrats and theocrats”, and survival for queer kids of all sorts everywhere.

david fb

[I have recently noticed that GCC, Putin, and USA polarized deadlock empowering mostly the mindless status oriented private jets and yachts class were all pushing me over the edge into bleak depression. I recovered by turning my entire focus to FIGHTING back with all I got while I still got it, like back in the late 70’s when I was a radical queer surfer boy engineer cum street fighter. Now once again I can be a happy, but less pretty, warrior. Fight!]


I started investing at the peak (Sep 21) like many new to the market, am down about 1.5% from peak - this is only because I stopped investing and then quickly sold out once the markets started their downward trajectory (I felt something was “off”); I switched to commodities at the start of the war and have been exiting slowly (other than bno and btu, might hold weat another month), and have been selling secured puts/calls.

I’m an aggressive investor/trader on this tiny actively managed portfolio (20+ years to retirement and am mostly in Aussie real estate/indexes). Although it’s a tiny percent of my total investments, I’d really like this portfolio to outperform.

I guess, in retrospect, if I have to consider my entire investment funds including real estate and conservatively managed retirement funds, I’d probably be near break even or slightly ahead? Us Aussies love real estate, but it’s hard to value accurately until you sell.