How to add emoji on another poster's post?

I think I’ve got how to add an emoji to a post I write. but, how do i add an emoji (other than the “like” to someone else’s post. Do I have to post a reply…???


Yes - You have to create a reply and then add your emoji.


So I can’t just read a post and add an emoji. I don’t always want to “like” sometimes I want to “laugh” or other emotion comment w/o posting. Guess no longer possible. Thx anyway. :roll_eyes:

And then the post has to contain 20 letters! Seems silly IMHO. Thx

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Yes - You have to create a reply and then add your emoji.


Discourse has the option to use “Reactions” directly on any post. Looks like there are seven different reactions. TMF admins would have to enable this.

I’d like TMF to consider using this in the future.


That would be great - there really needs to be some way to react besides just a “like”


There’s currently only a “like” icon, and no “dislike” icon, so I guess not liking a post is frowned upon as a case of “if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all”. But I could see adding a thumbs down icon to express general discontent. Being able to add various other emojis? Not sure that would add a lot of value.

it might be useful for some of us- me for one

I think that could be quite useful for TMF administration. The counts of those “downvotes” don’t have to be made public. But TMF could easily use that input to identify and control disruptive posters. Let the community identify potential chaff in your posters and it would allow staff to keep their time spent on that task to a minimum. And it should improve the overall quality of the site.



I’d vote, if we had one, to make it all transparent, show how many dislikes, and who made them. The anonymousness is a tool used by some to stir the pot uselessly, and would be exposed as to who they really are… Sunlight is a problem for them.


I always feel a little funny posting a “like” when I really want to express sympathy, especially on boards like “Taking Care of Parents”. I had hoped to see something like this in the new community.


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Exactly that why I think it beneficial to add ability to add additional options besides “like” to other posters’ posts. Thanks


I see the ability to express anonymous dislike as divisive. Making it not anonymous is probably worse. For those remembering the old system, where a like was anonymous, it may be news that on this system likes are visible to the person whose post was liked. If thumbs down was made available I expect it too would be visible.

Being able to express negativity with a mouse click is too easy, without requiring thought. If we are going to have divisiveness - and we will - let it be public, in replies, with reasons. Where everyone can see it. Having to actually say something to express negativity at least raises the odds that someone will activate and involve their brain in the process.


Good point, agreed and thx. Hopefully we will gain the ability to add these emojis to other’s posts in order to express our opinions.