No Response for a request to create new topics on Saul's Investing Discussions

I have been waiting for several weeks to be able to post or create new topics on Saul’s Investing Discussions. Can someone reach out to whoever manages this forum to have them respond either way?

Saul is the only one that can approve your request. He’ll work through the queue as he is able.

I will say though that with only three posts total and two in this category asking questions, I doubt he’ll approve it based on his criteria. While you wait for him, you might want to post someplace else showing your posting style and what you will be able to contribute so he’ll have something to go on.


One might note that Saul has been having some significant health issues, so may not be on top of issues like this.


Thanks for the info! I can appreciate your candor. I do not see a need to post on any other forum as I am only interested in Saul’s Investing Discussions. I have been following since 2017 and as I get closer to retirement (March 2026) I will have more time to devote to this forum. If there are limited spots for posting then I am ok with not having the privilege’s. I just thought I might be able to add value to the community.

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