How to install calendar on Windows 10 desktop?

The Outlook calendar on my Windows 10 desktop suddenly stopped working so I uninstalled it. I tried to re-install the calendar from the Microsoft store but got a red X and a message that this file does not have an app associated with it that would allow it to download.

I couldn’t download any calendars from the Microsoft store. I was able to get a Google calendar but that was web based and I want it on my PC.

How can I install a calendar on my PC?

I have a smilier problem with part of Office Word on my Mac. Ended up deleting Office, downloaded a fresh copy and reinstalled. The only issue I had was I had to reset all my tweaks that lived in the normal template for Word.

When I used Office I had a lot of settings type stuff for Outlook - I don’t remember where that is stored. But if it is a file, you might be able to save it and attempt a replacement for the reinstall.