Online version of Outlook is driving me crazy

I’ve been forced onto the online version of Outlook - against my will. And I’m finding it terrible to work with.

The biggest problem is that it doesn’t show me all of my messages. And it does show, is grouped together into threads, which I hate. (Have that problem here, too, FWIW). Is there some way to change the way it displays incoming e-mail to match the older versions on my desktop? I just want a simple listing of each e-mail in my inbox one at a time. I don’t need the software to “organize” them for me. My brain is ordered in chronological order and that’s the way I want to see them.

In the bigger picture, I’d prefer to revert to having everything on my desktop computer where it’s in my control. But that requires an e-mail program with very up to date security protocols. Apparently my Outlook 2010 no longer meets that requirement. Suggestions for an alternative program would be useful as well.



Hi Peter -

I don’t use Outlook but found this:

From any mail folder, such as your inbox, select View > Show as Conversations to toggle Conversation view on or off.

View email messages by conversation (



Thanks, @Borgney. That helps tremendously. I apparently have selective blindness (probably produced by the rage I was feeling while unsuccessfully trying to get something done quickly) and didn’t see the ability to change settings. In the online version, you start with “Settings” rather then view. But that’s exactly where I needed to go and the calmer version of me found it.

Probably a Bruce Banner / Hulk thing. Minus the green skin. :wink: