How to Print Effectively

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The best way to print a Topic is to press CTRL-P to open a printer friendly view of the topic. This removes the sidebars and everything else except the posts. This also opens the printer dialog, where you can make printer changes before clicking the print button. Note: you may have to allow pop-ups for this site, depending on your browser setting.

If you just want to print specific parts of a topic, press CTRL-P as above to open the printer friendly view. But instead of clicking print right away, cancel the print dialog. Then using the mouse, select the portion you want to print. Press CTRL-P again. Then change the printer options to only print the Selection. Now you can click the Print button.

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Note: on a mac this is COMMAND-P. Thanks for this helpful post @5761796E65! I wasn’t aware of this.

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Printing breaks for me after a few popups have opened - each time you print something, another popup window opens, and they don’t automatically close. I don’t know if it’s a limit on the number of popups the system allows, or a limit on the number of times the code behind the popup window can be called.

There seems to be a rate limiter preventing very frequent calls to the API. This is for printing, searching, and maybe some other features as well. I have no idea what the limits are.

If you are trying to print lots of old posts, the old boards are still up in read-only mode for now. You can then print everything posted before the weekend.

Thank you for the advice. However, the probability I would ever try to print old posts via this interface is almost zero. An improved search is unfortunately not very helpful if I can’t easily isolate the things I want to print or save, or print more than a couple at a time.