How to set Home Page

I would like to have my Discussion Boards to always open to MY categories as it used to before this new platform. I can’t figure out how to do that now-is there a way?

I seem to get all other stuff I don’t necessarily want to read. Is there a way to do this, seems like I’m just spinning my wheels and wasting time looking for the posts on MY CATEGORIES. Any help? :thinking:


The only suggestion I have isn’t much. Find the page you want to have come up. Make that URL a bookmark/shortcut/whatever in your browser. Reach the Discussion Boards via that bookmark.

If you use both the free and Premium sides, they each will need their own bookmarks. If you go back and forth between the two using the link at the top of each one, those links won’t know about your preferences.

In your profile / preferences, there are a few options for changing the homepage.

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thanks - that’s a thought…although maybe I didn’t explain it correctly…what I want to do is :slight_smile:
when I open FireFox with my new "discussions " it opens to the generic Community Board stating all the stocks A-Z etc…and all the categories included etc…what I would like it to do is to:

Open to just the categories…those I’ve saved - remember the old platform where my Home Page used to open to just my favorite discussion boards…not all the other stuff…surely every board (category) doesn’t open for everyone…??? Or does it? Don’t know if I’m further confusing the issue…

Oh yes, I see that now - not a lot of options there though, sigh….will keep playing around with it. Maybe it just can’t be done. Thx for the idea. i did finally get the categories, MY categories to show up in the side bar. that helps me a lot.

If you want to bookmark this page, it will have a lost of posts from just the Categories and Tags that you are tracking. It’s the same as clicking Tracked from the Sidebar but it might be what you are looking for.

Otherwise, what you are describing sounds like the sidebar with the categories and tags you want set - then you just click each one to see the conversations in that category or tag.

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yep, finally got the categories and Tags I want on the sidebar, so that does help. I’ll try the book mark too. thx

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