How to short a diverse range of companies with high leverage

hello, I want to short 3 stocks with 500x leverage:

NWC (Norweigan Air Shuttle) - Frankfurt Stock Exchange
BBBY (Bed Bath & Beyond Inc) - NASDAQ
GBX (Aston Martin) - London Stock Exchange

I am based in the UK and know regulations apply. Is there a stock broker or a method that allows this?

Hi BigBaz95
This board is pretty much dead. It was the forerunner of the now much more active Mechanical Investing board.
Both boards are about a particular style of screen investing.
The MI board is frequented by a good lot of very knowledgeable folks who are often willing to answer off-topic questions, however. (Or it has been, historically. We’re still in the shakedown phase of this new message board system.)
Maybe try posting your question over there, as well.