Is anyone having problems with MacOS 14.4?

Since updating my 2023 M2 Mac Mini from 14.3 to 14.4 I have had it crash and restart on its own 3 or 4 times. This last time I was using it and saw it happen. My monitor flashed magenta then went black and the power LED on my Mini went black and then came back on along with the start up sound. Every previous time this occurred, I was away from my computer and came back needing to log in and was informed that my system had crashed. I have reported it each time.

I posted the issue last night on the Apple Discussions board but so far have had no response.

It happened to me several times with 11.7 but eventually it fixed itself. I have the gut feeling that it was Safari doing it but with no real data to assert it.

Now it’s blinking the touchbar at random times. I Googled it, it was reported by several users and Apple had no real response.

I’m afraid that Apple ain’t what she used to be since they made the Mac into a giant iPhone.

The Captain

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Ouch, I’ve the same Mac Mini, but haven’t seen any issue at all, and am current at 14.4… Awaiting 14.4.1, which in imminent, rumor has it…

All the best… Hate mysteries…

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It could be Safari. I’ve seen people reporting problems with it in the past. I’ll try keeping fewer tabs open and see if it happens again.

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There is no 14.4 update yet.

Nope, posted iOS in the wrong thread it seems… Oops…

No problem. They often come out together so I’ll keep checking. Limiting my open tabs seems to be working :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


And here’s the latest Update out today…


I got it. Thanks for posting the news.