It was 60 years ago today

…When Mr. Oswald shot JFK



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I was in New Orleans on my way to Cuernavaca, Mexico to the IBM sales school. Suddenly there was a change in the mood, people like zombies staring at TV sets in store windows. My sightseeing was over and I took a taxi to my hotel.

The Captain


Our elementary school was sent home early that day. We were watching the black and white TV practically nonstop when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot on live TV two days later.


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My school was also dismissed early. I walked in to my grandparents house. Grandmother demanded to know what I was doing there at that time. I said “someone shot the President”. She started barking at me that that was not funny. I persuaded her to turn on the TV and look.

Years later, I read “Death of a President”.

Some years after that, I was at the RS annual meeting in Dallas. Instead of the Anatole, the meeting was held at the Hyatt in downtown, that year. Looking out the window of the room, I realized I had a panoramic view of Dealey Plaza, and the freeway on-ramp the limo took to Parkland Hospital.


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I was uncharacteristically home from school with a cold, and watched it all live on television. We were a “Huntley-Brinkley” household, but nearly all of the post-coverage in years later were of Walter Cronkite.

Also watched LHO get shot on live TV on Sunday. We had just returned from church, everyone else in the house went right to hang up their coats in the hall closet; I went right to turn on the TV in the den. I was the only one watching when it happened. Big days, then.

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For me, JFK was shot on November 23rd. We were living in the Philippines on the other side of the date line. My father was called in in the middle of the night as all US military was put on high alert.


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I was a newbie WE Installer on a Pacific Bell Tandem Switch growth build, in San Rafael, CA, Marin County only a few months working for Western Electric Installation. A crew of a dozen or so, when the switch suddenly got really, really noisy, busy from the heavy call rate. We were pulled off the job, hung around in the parking lot a while, listening to the radio in one of the cars, then sent home. "Condition Blue:, National Emergency, protect all communications…They had to use Line Load Control in the switch to keep it from locking up form being overloaded, so for a while, only emergency, government lines were allowed through…

We carpooled, so off we went, spent the day back home watching it all unfold, stunned… It was a couple days before they let us back on the job… Sad times…

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I was at Junior High School Band practice, which took place in a room next to the flagpole out front. As a utility drummer I was on the upper back level of the band shell, and the only kid who could see the flag out the window. Our teacher/bandleader got a note from the school office, and quietly quickly went out and lowered the flag to half mast. I knew that this was extraordinary and probably very bad, was upset, but stayed quiet. Then at the end of the class the principal came on the speaker.

We finished the school day. Walking home in a daze I remember discovering myself chanting “The King is Dead, Long Live the King” over and over and being puzzled as to why that was what my mind picked.

Sunday I was on a boy scout camping trip when the insane news about LHO and Ruby came through. Very skizzy moment with our Scoutmaster looking extremely somber and worried about WTH?

david fb

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I heard when I was in an 8th grade study hall, although I’m quite sure the only thing I was studying was a girl named Roberta sitting 2 rows over.

You all are a bit older than me. I was too young to have any distinct memories of the event. I do have a very early memory of adults being rather upset over something on the tv. I suspect it could have been the events of November 1963.


I was going through a multi-day initiation at UT and missed a lot of the TV coverage. Eventually they let us watch some week old coverage. So, yea, I remember. Who would have thought something like that would happen?

I was in grade school. I remember at early recess some kids on the playground talking quietly in a group near the “four-square courts”. One friend of mine on the way back to class told me something about an assassination and the President. I went back to class thinking… what’s an assassination?
Soon we were called onto the assembly quad outside. We were told that the President of the United States was dead. We were all sent home. It took me most of the next three days to connect the idea of getting killed with assassination. Probably for many years i thought assassination only referred to John F. Kennedy