Jim: Contact exchange

This is from an email Jim just wrote:

A lot of people have sent me …[this and that. Said]
I was thinking a contact exchange might be nice.
A substantial number of people have told me their Fool handles and email addresses.
Somebody could build a third party site that allows “please send my email address to the person with fool ID XXXX and ask them to contact me”.
I can’t really see how that would annoy anyone…it’s pretty much the old “send a message privately” feature.
It would not give out anyone’s email address except those who explicitly request that it be given out.
I guess a message to the stated email address with a “please confirm your address is real for validation” step would be extra cautious, to avoid spoofed messages.

I am taking the liberty to without asking him post it here as I think it’s a good idea, that
many on the BRK and MI boards are there since around 2000 and enjoy each other’s “company”, and that maybe this thread leads to somebody realizing his idea.


This board is in a tailspin. We need more Jim threads with grown men crying.


Addendum to “… maybe this thread leads to somebody realizing his idea”:

It would have to be on another site, not on his, as he has no time to run this service.

So? Posting? Communication about this? Willing candidates for the little programming/site maintenance?

It’s just about exchanging email addresses for old pals who wish to, so that we “Dinosaurs” from a forgotten age (the previous board) can continue to communicate with pals we appreciate?


We could just use Investors Village.

It is/can be free, anyone can sign up and start a board.

There are tiers of people who pay/have payed to help maintain the site, but not a requirement.
It is very user friendly.


sorry, link: https://www.investorvillage.com/

Oh, yeah, min 20 characters. Am I there yet?


I set up a free account. Same user name I use here. If I click on Send PM it takes me to a page to upgrade to a paid account. Am I missing something?

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Thanks for the lead!!

I checked Investors Village out. Looked at the top posts across all boards - didn’t really see anything in those posts that interested me so much. The format was good - the content was - meh.

Maybe you gotta pay to see the good stuff?

== first post on new platform from mobile - pretty good!

Hi John,

Some functions are only for paid members.

I am pretty sure a free board could be set up and whomever wants to go there, could.
I will try to play with that today and will let you know.


Yes, the types of boards are different; I was throwing out a possibility for Jim to post on and whomever from the BRK board could read.


Thank you for passing this info along and trying to find workarounds.

I am on a mailing list for a yearly pony race, started on the aol board—so for a long time. All the emails are posted. A man named Charlie, posts the weekly rankings w an intro of a few witty comments. Mostly, people email, directly, very occasionally, it seems, with announcements even more seldom by someone to the whole group. But mostly just the pony race. It’s wonderful to be part of something for so long.

I don’t know coding but I could do some form of list work, if that would help the cause.

Thanks again for working on this.