Jim - Contact Exchange

If interested on a good idea Jim just had please look under the “Berkshire Hathaway” tag. I tried to additionally post it here but was told “Body is too similar to what you just posted”. These boards suck.


I sure would like to pick up the discussions with Mungo again.


I did a little research on this. I found this site:

Anyone can create a message board for free. My thought was we could create a board called MF Contact Exchange or similar. Proboards allows for private messaging and you can hide your email so it is not publicly viewable (I think “Staff” can see it, presumably Proboard staff. I don’t know if the person creating the message board can see the emails). It’s possible Proboards collects your email and sells it. In that case you could use a burner email.

My thought is that people could sign up on Proboard, perhaps with their MF username. Then if two people want to exchange info they could do that on Proboard.

Any thoughts? Something I’m missing?


It seems cumbersome so I doubt it’ll work. Direct messaging is already available on the Discourse platform, @TMFTomGardner just needs to enable it.

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