KC's bonehead sales

I sold all or most of 12 stocks in the middle of a night back in March. Watched them climb, didn’t chase. FOMO, but no action. Right now, 6 of them are below my sell (but not much). The other six have a bit to fall: DDOG, CRWD, ZS, SNOW, MNDY, AFRM.

The ones below are UPST, GLBE, BRZE, DOCS, NCNO and VERI. Whatever that might mean.

Buy, Dreamer, Buy!!!


63% cash.


I bought more GLBE, UPST, PTLO, and DIS.

cash about 65%, so deployed about 35% between yesterday and today so far.

Got a slight hit on the stuff bought yesterday, but POMO goodness is a soothing balm.


any interest in SPG I wonder? I believe I read about that first here

on SPG, my take:

if you think economy is fine and no more covid/indoor restrictions, then probably decent enough price, plus dividends.

my concern would be recession or just threat of recession, continued inflationary pressures on discretionary spending (less shopping). With exception of perhaps improved tourism, the upcoming summer may be spent with less shopping as we are finally “re-opened”.

my play would be: see if it drifts further down, and with the supposed understanding that you get best appreciation from day dividend is announced (which SPG does on earnings announcements) up until the ex-dividend date, then I would likely buy right before August or November ERs and maybe catch a pop. Again, that is assuming stock price is coming off lows. If stock price is riding high into ERs, I probably stay away in case of post-ER dip (and then maybe buy if overall outlook was good).

$135 was my target price for 2021, and I sold at $170. My completely spit-balled price for 2022 (before I knew about Ukraine and inflation madness) was $185. I feel that may be off the table. But if stock drifts closer to $100-115, I think it is reasonable to think it gets back to $135 “at some point” in 2022. Plus dividends.

my 2 cents,


thanks for your thoughts Dreamer, I am tempted to take a little bite even here around the $125 mark. There was this article yesterday that suggests that “SPG owns 7 out of the top 10 malls in the US in terms of annual sales being generated (data from prior to the pandemic).”


My view is that the Nasdaq et al will move sideways for the next year or 2 so I am looking at these property companies which throw out some cash whilst I wait for my growth portfolio to show some … growth! My main concern is whether consumer disposable income will be under pressure from inflation to significantly affect sales / sq ft in retail