SPG at 52 week low

Today I’m buying. Near the open, bought at $89.08. Then placed an aspirational $87.06 order and it hit. Added OKE at $50.90. Both hit 52-week lows and yield over 7%. Targeting $125 for SPG and $75 for OKE.

Yes, have some “getting used to” with the boards.

Also went a little light with the options. Sold calls only. Market feels a little swampy so haven’t the courage to sell puts. Plus I have the good for 60 day low ball orders for NTNX, NCNO and BRZE . Not to mention the puts I already have for GLBE at $25 and UPST at $20. I need to think about those two.



Aren’t you, like, 80 years old or something? Shouldn’t you be threatening your desktop with a shoe or yelling at a cloud?

Instead you already figured out how to post. Probably better than 80% of the Millennials and GenZers out there so far.

While I am from the greatest generation (GenX) I must admit to being clueless. I am tracking, watching, and tagging. I think. Working on it.


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A couple small points to make.

  1. Never plot a trend from a single point. A single post does not support the thesis that I “know how to post”. I do not know how to find the WAFtT thread, clicked random icons for an hour, stumbled across this and lost it several times…
  2. Desktop!?!?!? I have a small, airconditioned room down two levels with my modified OS '90’s VAX running. Hope to upgrade to MSDOS desktop next year if I can sell some UPST for a profit.
  3. Yelling at the boards did not work and I couldn’t find my boots. Flip flops don’t cut it.
  4. You denigrate milunials? O.k., can’t post the middle digit, use your imagination :point_up_2:
  5. Speaking of UPST, I’m going to post a non-urgent sell call on it once (when/if) I figure out all the new posting enhancements.
  6. O.k., back to random wanderings through the features and, should all else fail, watch the instructional video. Its like…, when you are driving do you ask for directions? Ever admit error and reverse direction? Hell no! Do I have 599 followers here? Press on, fellow dreamers.

Thanks, MF, for upgrading the boards and providing new features and challenges.



This snippet belongs on all-time great list.