LinkedIn to Disney

I am now finding that a great source of Disney information is on LinkedIn. This website has Disney posting not only career opportunities with the company but also articles about Disney projects past, present and future.

They are now showing a picture of Jude Law in a another new Disney+ “Star War” series called the “Skeleton Crew”.

It is content like this which will capture and keep Disney+ subscribers.


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Yes, LinkedIn is a great resource for researching all sorts of companies. As you noted, a lot can be gleamed from the listed career opportunities, and the news feed can be an aggregator for blog and news articles on the companies and topics you follow. Of course, where Disney is concerned, there is no end to the number of bloggers and vloggers, not to mention Disney’s own PR machines, to keep up with the company.

The Skeleton Crew was announced at the recent Star Wars Celebration convention as the story of a group of kids who are about ten years old who get lost in the Star Wars universe. This is actually a story concept that has been told before in the Star Wars universe and elsewhere. In The Clone Wars animated series, there was an episode arc where a group of Jedi padawans on a training mission were suddenly thrust into battle and had to learn to overcome their differences and find a way to work together.

I’m just glad they aren’t developing a Jedi Babies concept. Could never get behind the Muppet Babies.

BTW, there will be a second season of The Bad Batch, which tells the story of a unique team of “defective” clones that did not have the “Order 66” chip, which takes place after Episode III in the Skywalker timeline. And you are seeing elements (ships and characters) from the animated series (Clone Wars, Rebels, Bad Batch) coming to live-action life as LucasFilm™ feeds the fandom beast.

Who notes when Disney said there were thousands of stories to be told from the Star Wars universe George Lucas had created, people mostly assumed they were talking about feature length movies, but he expects you are going to see a steady stream of pop-up limited-run episodic stories that will be driven by and add to cannon though perhaps not drive a larger story forward like the Marvel series and movies have done for the MCU…

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