Market Trend Indicators 4/19/24

One might think from looking at market behavior these last 2-3 weeks that a new deadly unknown pandemic was starting, not a .05% miss on an inflation estimate and a few months pushback of future interest rates relaxing by 1/2 a percent. Almost every intermediate breadth/trend signal I follow has flipped to bearish. As fast as they did when the CV panic hit. Hopefully a bit overdone, methinks (but not predicting).
Overall: -6 - swing from +6 in 2 weeks.

BearCatcher Nasdaq New Highs/New Lows Bear 4/12/24
BearCatcher SMA Slope, S&P 500 Bull 11/10/23
BearCatcher Dying Bullish Euphoria comb. Bull 12/14/23
BC Summary The Key 1 2
Momentum, Int # 26 week highs 1/19/24
Momentum, Int DMI Bear Bull 4/19/24
Momentum, Int-Term 10/50 Crossover Bear 4/19/24
Momentum, Int PPO Weekly Bear 4/19
Momentum, Int 26W / 52W Bull 11/10/23
Breadth, midterm PAMA Naz 50 Bear 4/12
Breadth, midterm Breadth Confirms Bear 4/12/24
Breadth, midterm Naz Bullish % Bear 4/19/24
Breadth, midterm S&P PAMA 200 Bull 12/15/23
Breadth Thrust Breadth Thrust Watch
Correction Mode >7% off last peak Bull 11/9/23
Timing, Seasonal MACD on RUT Bear 4/19/24
Interest Rates Corporate Bond Index 2/16/24
Short Term Top Warning 5
Momentum, ST PPO Daily Bear 3/22/24
Breadth, short term SP600 PAMA20 Bear 3/15
Breadth, short term PAMA5D %OFF 21dh Bear 4/12/24
Top, short term PAMA Divergence Highs Bear 2/16/24
Top PAA Count Bear 12/18/23
Top Recent Simple Top 1/10/24
Top Primary-Tech Divergence
Bottom Extreme PAMA low Bull-weak 4/12/24